Nastiest Supplement Ever

The worst-tasting supplement I have ever taken and am taking now is Green Pasture’s Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Just from the description, I bet you can already get a picture of … Continue Reading →


Beef with Jerky Sauce

Just to Clarify, this is not beef Jerky. The sauce does have a jerky taste to it though. Ingredients: -Beef -Black Pepper (fresh ground from a grinder is best) -Paprika … Continue Reading →

The Face of Evil

After watching a horror movie with my then-boyfriend, I remember at the end of the movie he said he didn’t like it because it wasn’t obvious who the bad guy was. … Continue Reading →


Sweet Potato Crisps

This recipe requires a pretty good chef knife to slice the sweet potato. I took a picture of the knife that I used, which made the slicing  pretty easy. My … Continue Reading →

Pain Management without Medicine

This section is about managing pain without medications or natural substances. I will write about non-pharmalogical pain management with natural herbs and products in a different post, but here I want to … Continue Reading →