4 years of natural deodorant

It’s been almost 4 years since going all-natural with my deodorant. I wanted to give an update post on my experience. Since starting I’ve learned a lot. My coconut oil and baking soda recipe (here) works incredibly well at hiding body odor. I’ve done work-outs and sweat quite a bit and no one complained that I smelled of BO. My boyfriend tells me I still smell good after sweating a ton playing ultimate frisbee, so I know it’s working. He isn’t saying it to be nice either, he told me this before I revealed to him that I make my own deodorant.

What I’ve also learned through this process is that I believe in pheromones. Pheromones are hormones that we make to attract the opposite sex. When I first began ditching deodorant, men would start to aggressively pursue me. I’ve always kind of had a few pursuers who thought I was cute. When I stopped using antiperspirants, I had a bunch of men who would pursue me more aggressively. A guy I dated told me of the competition he and his friend had on who would bring me some hand-made apple pancakes first to win my heart (I was taken aback and kind of thought it was funny). I had another guy who would not stop calling and texting me. Another guy in one of my classes would stare at me from across the room and then find me after class. These men were pretty persistent. My friend joked that she was going to start collecting my sweat to make a perfume to attract men, and market it to lonely women.

What I also learned was that sugar really brings on the stink. Before I started recipes for deodorants, I would use diet and nothing under the pits. I noticed that every time I ate sugar of any type, that I would start to smell like BO. It happened immediately after consumption every time. Sugar tends to feed bacteria, and it’s the bacteria that cause the bad smell. Sweat would not have any smell if not for bacteria. Later on I transitioned to lemon juice, Apple cider vinegar or Vitamin C crystals to create acidity on my skin in order to kill the bacteria. It worked initially, but this deodorant didn’t last long. I tried a bunch of other stuff, then made up a recipe that I have been very successful with. This is the coconut oil and baking soda recipe (with a anti-bacterial essential oil added).

So far I’m extremely happy with making my own deodorant. I would never go back. With my recipe, I also don’t have to watch my diet. I still avoid the sugar for health reasons though. I also don’t have to worry if aluminum will get absorbed through my skin or if any artificial fragrances will react in a negative way with my body.

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