There are many home remedies for acne, so there are also many options to try. Many people have different skin types, so what works for one may not work a fast or as well as what works for another.

One of the most important things you can do though is watch your diet. Experts have varying opinions on this, but with personal experience I found diet was a big contributing factor. Another thing that can help with acne is to just stop putting stuff on your face! I know that since middle school we have been taught to wash our face religiously, but this actually messes up the pH of the skin and the pH is your skin’s primary protector against bacteria. Since giving up facial washes and cover-up, I don’t really break out. My skin was so much bumpier, but I just moisturized and let my skin reset itself.

Many facial washes also have estrogen-mimicking chemicals such as parabens and pthalates, so this can further aggravate the problem. If you choose to give up washing your face, bear in mind it will take 6 months to a year to get your skin to normal. Also try to avoid other products that contain parabens or pthalates (shampoo, conditioners, lotions, make-up, etc). Pthalates are usually listed as ‘fragrance’ on the ingredients list of a product while parabens can be listed as methylparaben, propylparaben, etc.

Dietary/Lifestyle advice:

-Avoid sugar (This includes sugary drinks), white flour, and also eating way too much food in one meal, especially ’empty calories’ (Chips, processed foods, foods that are low in vitamins/minerals).

-You can try giving up dairy to see if this helps. Also bear in mind that some cows are given hormones to produce more milk (rBST/rBGH) so buy hormone free milk.

-Increase intake of raw vegetables, and also in moderation raw fruits.

-Excess hormones are released in sweat. Strive to do sweat-inducing exercise (Jumping on a trampoline, anyone? Jumping on an invisible trampoline for all you cheap-os?). Also, drink plenty of water.

-Avoid constipation. You should be pooping every day or at least every other day to remove toxins from the body. If you are constipated, raw veggies and fruits contain fiber that can ‘speed things along’ by absorbing water in your intestines. Drinking fluids is also a must. Exercise also helps strengthen the muscles to help you go.


Different Remedies to try for acne:

-Pure aloe vera gel applied 2-3 times a day (Aloe gel also helps with acne scars).

-Witch Hazel applied with a cotton ball every night and rinsed off.

-Tea Tree oil

-Apple Cider Vinegar toner — add 2 tsp organic unpasteurized ACV (unfiltered with the ‘mother’) to 1 cup of water. Apply to face in AM and PM. You can also put in a spray bottle and spritz onto face.

-Goldenseal tincture — Apply to face using a Q-tip. Do at night and let dry before going to sleep.

-Iodine is antibacterial. Apply to zit.

-Change your pillowcase frequently to prevent re-infection


If you have any natural successes, stories or recipes, please leave a comment. I will update as I learn more home remedies for acne.

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