Dementia is a loss of memory as a result of aging, and Alzheimer’s in an extreme case of dementia in which the person can even forget how to use everyday items, EX: Eating with a fork.

Things you can do to prevent or reverse memory loss as you or a loved one ages:

-Maintain blood flow to your brain. If you have clogged arteries, take care of them. If you have heart problems or low blood pressure, this can hinder  proper blood flow to the brain too.

-I had a patient whose dementia was reversed by B12 shots.  It’s a water-soluble vitamin, so it will not accumulate in the body like the fat-soluble vitamins and is mostly harmless. Most elderly have poor digestion, which can affect intrinsic factor that absorbs B12 from foods. Talk to a doctor about this. Supplementing by mouth will not work if intrinsic factor is compromised.

-Avoid aluminum where possible. Sodas are acidic and may possibly leach aluminum from the cans they are in. Do not use aluminum pans, especially when cooking acidic foods (EX: lemons, tomato).

-Drink lots of water. The body uses the kidneys to flush toxins out of the body. If dehydrated, the toxins do not get flushed and accumulate. Ammonia in the body is converted to urea and flushed out the kidneys, but accumulation of ammonia can cause a loss of mental function. Drinking more water will help your body flush it out. Poop regularly too.


This page is for research/reference purposes only. It does not replace collaboration with someone specially trained to diagnose and treat health issues. It will also be updated as needed.


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