Getting Picky Kids to Eat Healthy

When my sister was really young, just as she was beginning to talk and learn new words, I got her hooked on broccoli. How did I do it? I grabbed … Continue Reading →

How I got into Traditional Foods

Last year I went to the dentist. It had been about 2 years since the last time I went. Those two years ago I was told that I had 15 … Continue Reading →


How to Grow Pineapple from Cutting

You probably didn’t know that you could grow a pineapple from the top you cut off of another pineapple. It’s really easy. Here is how: Put the pineapple top in … Continue Reading →


Pumpkin Smoothie

-Cooked, peeled pumpkin -maple syrup -dates (cut into slices for easier blending) -1 tbsp Cinnamon -1 tsp vanilla (alcohol-free tastes best) -milk (soy, cow, goat, whatever milk you consume) -ice … Continue Reading →


Broccoli-Quinoa Bites

This recipe requires a bit of work and a blender. Honestly, don’t do it unless you have several hours to spend on cooking. I normally don’t cook or recommend recipes … Continue Reading →