Beef with Jerky Sauce

Just to Clarify, this is not beef Jerky. The sauce does have a jerky taste to it though.



-Black Pepper (fresh ground from a grinder is best)



-sea salt

-rapadura sugar (Can use brown sugar or molasses instead if you don’t have rapadura)


Sear beef on pan to slightly brown the meat.  Add water, enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle pepper, paprika, coriander and sea salt. Flip meat over and add spices to the other side. Sprinkle some rapadura sugar on both sides of the meat and simmer until sauce thickens. I like to slice the meat while it’s simmering so I can see if it’s cooked all the way. If you cut it up, there will also be more sauce distribution on the meat, and it will cook faster. That’s it!



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