Broccoli-Quinoa Bites


This recipe requires a bit of work and a blender. Honestly, don’t do it unless you have several hours to spend on cooking. I normally don’t cook or recommend recipes that take this much work, but it was fun and tasted really good.


-1 cup quinoa

-2 cups broth

-1 head broccoli

-a handful of spinach

-1 medium carrot

-1 onion

-half a head of garlic (7 cloves?)

-6 eggs

-sea salt and pepper to taste

-Cherry or regular tomatoes sliced

-Dried crumbled basil

-Olive oil



-Soak 1 cup of quinoa overnight in salt water

-Discard soaking water when you are ready to cook. Add 2 parts broth to 1 part quinoa. Boil until cooked

Separately steam 1 head of broccoli, 1 carrot, 1 onion, and half a head of garlic. Blend in blender with spinach when soft. Add eggs and cooked quinoa with salt and pepper. Coat pan with olive oil and bake in the oven until solid at 350 F. Cut into bite-sized squares when cooled and put cut tomato on top sprinkled with basil. Done! Hope you reap the fruits of all your hard work.

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