Consumerism and Materialism

Before you get too involved with things of this world, I want you to contemplate something. The only thing on earth that we can take with us to heaven is … Continue Reading →

The Face of Evil

After watching a horror movie with my then-boyfriend, I remember at the end of the movie he said he didn’t like it because it wasn’t obvious who the bad guy was. … Continue Reading →

Pain Management without Medicine

This section is about managing pain without medications or natural substances. I will write about non-pharmalogical pain management with natural herbs and products in a different post, but here I want to … Continue Reading →


Whenever I feel down-in-the dumps and depressed, one of my strategies for coping is by reading the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. Many of the stories are about people … Continue Reading →


Seek 2015

For this New Year, I had the great opportunity to begin it on a retreat with God. I signed up for the SEEK conference, which is a Catholic retreat with … Continue Reading →