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Gout– Natural Remedies

When I worked in home care, I met a family knowledgeable in alternative medicine and home remedies. This is what they used for gout flare-ups for the husband: Black cherry concentrate, … Continue Reading →


Black Tea for Pink-Eye (conjunctivitis)

  This is home remedy my Polish grandmother used on me as a kid for pink-eye. Whenever I got swollen, pink, crusty eyes from conjunctivitis, she would boil me a cup of … Continue Reading →

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Dementia is a loss of memory as a result of aging, and Alzheimer’s in an extreme case of dementia in which the person can even forget how to use everyday … Continue Reading →


How to Choose a Good Vitamin Supplement

I love talking about vitamins. They are so essential for us, our bodies would get sick without them, and yet so few people pay any mind to them. If you want to … Continue Reading →


White lines on my fingernails

I’ve always, as long as I can remember, had white lines on my nails. It seemed that as soon as they grew out, new ones would form at the top … Continue Reading →