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Gout– Natural Remedies

When I worked in home care, I met a family knowledgeable in alternative medicine and home remedies. This is what they used for gout flare-ups for the husband: Black cherry concentrate, … Continue Reading →


Black Tea for Pink-Eye (conjunctivitis)

  This is home remedy my Polish grandmother used on me as a kid for pink-eye. Whenever I got swollen, pink, crusty eyes from conjunctivitis, she would boil me a cup of … Continue Reading →

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Dementia is a loss of memory as a result of aging, and Alzheimer’s in an extreme case of dementia in which the person can even forget how to use everyday … Continue Reading →


White lines on my fingernails

I’ve always, as long as I can remember, had white lines on my nails. It seemed that as soon as they grew out, new ones would form at the top … Continue Reading →


Honey– Wrinkle Prevention

My mom told me of a friend she had visited who looked great, with few wrinkles, despite being the same age as her. She asked what her secret was. Her … Continue Reading →