4 years of natural deodorant

It’s been almost 4 years since going all-natural with my deodorant. I wanted to give an update post on my experience. Since starting I’ve┬álearned a lot. My coconut oil and … Continue Reading →

Home-made mascara experiment

Home-made mascara I made this recipe at home, still working on it to make it better. If anyone tries it or has any suggestions, I’m open. Especially natural preservatives. If … Continue Reading →

The no ‘poo method I really love

I’ve been doing no ‘poo for over a year now, experimenting with different substances to see which ones wash out my hair best. Recently I started using borax, and I … Continue Reading →

Tooth-strengthening Mouthwash

Here is a recipe for tooth-strengthening mouthwash: Fill an empty water bottle with filtered water. Add: -Colloidal silver, oregano oil, and/or olive leaf extract for the anti-bacterial properties -Comfrey tincture … Continue Reading →


No ‘poo Shampoo

Finding the perfect shampoo can be tricky when you are trying to avoid certain man-made chemicals. Everyone has different hair types, and while one shampoo may cut the grease out … Continue Reading →