Consumerism and Materialism

Before you get too involved with things of this world, I want you to contemplate something. The only thing on earth that we can take with us to heaven is each other. Your new iPod, TV set, computer, whatever it is, is not something that you can hold onto forever. A time comes when all things break down, everything turns to dust. It’s not bad to have these things, but do not get too attached. You will have to let them go sometime. (It’s also better for the environment if you let go more often. Just saying… while consumerism is good for the economy, it’s not good for the environment or for human health. Since when has the economy become an end-all for us??? Why do we let money be the dictator of our lives? Shouldn’t God be in the center?).

Focus on those around you, people are infinitely unique and yet strangely similar. Like snowflakes, they are unrepeatable. A factory can produce a million of the same object, functioning in the same way, predictable and usable. Humans are spontaneous, and the outward appearance is not always reflective of the thoughts going on inside. The more you talk to someone, the more you discover their ‘buried treasures’ that lie in their heart.

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