Greek-Style Fish


I don’t know why this dish is called Greek-style fish, since it’s originally a Polish dish served at Christmas. It’s delicious though, and I made my own modified version of the dish. Originally it includes breaded fish, but I just used fish fillets that were not breaded. I also added butter because the fish was pretty dry to begin with.


-1 stick Butter

– 5-7 Flounder Fillets

-2 Carrots, chopped

-1 Onion cut into rings

-Sea Salt

-Some Pepper


Directions: Take flounder fillets (I used frozen). Throw into frying pan. Add butter. Slice up carrots and start the frying pan on medium heat. Cut up the onion and throw in. When fish is no longer raw and carrots are softened, you’re done! Add sea salt and pepper to taste.

Since I used frozen fillets, they take longer to cook than fresh. If using fresh, I would begin cooking the carrots earlier so they have more time to soften, then I would add the fish.

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