Home-made mascara experiment

Home-made mascara

I made this recipe at home, still working on it to make it better. If anyone tries it or has any suggestions, I’m open. Especially natural preservatives. If kept at room temp, it molds.


-First, I bought a black henna hair dye block from lush. You grate the block to make a powder and add liquids to it. Add a  little bit of hot black tea. You just want to wet it a little, do not add enough to make a paste yet.

-Add castor oil to constitute the powder and make a thick paste. Castor oil is traditionally used in mascara to thicken eyelashes over time


Store in the fridge. If not, it will mold. It’s a little thick and lumpy, so I’m still working on it. It’s also not water-proof. I will update if I figure out a way to tweak it to make it better.

I will post pictures when I make my next batch, you can see how it makes my eyelashes look like doll eyelashes (thick and long, though unfortunately lumpy too)

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