Honey Cake– Gluten Free


Bake this cake the day before you want to serve it. Let it sit overnight to let the moisture evaporate to eliminate gummy-ness (though it tastes just as great gummy as it does the next day firmer).


-6 egg whites

-4 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar (or vinegar or lemon juice, or you can even just use 1 tsp cream of tartar. You just need acid)

-2 pinches salt

-1 1/2 cup rapadura sugar (or brown sugar or whatever sweetener. Not sure if stevia will work though, since the sugar sticky-ness maintains the foamy bubbly-ness)

-1 tsp Vanilla

-1 cup tapioca pearls– grind in grain mill (or buy tapioca flour)

-1/2 cup oat groats– grind in mill (or buy GF oat flour)

-1/2 cup buckwheat groats- grind (or buy flour)

-1/2 tsp salt

-1/2 cup coconut oil (or other fat) in liquid form (aka: melted)

-1 can of coconut milk thickened with guar gum (or at least that’s what I used. Should list coconut, water, and guar gum on label)

-Honey (raw and unfiltered is best)


Directions: Beat first 3 ingredients together until the eggs get bubbly/foamy. When bubbly, add sugar slowly in. Beat it in to maintain foam. Add everything else, except the honey, in one by one while beating in between ingredients. It will be thick (almost like icing), but don’t worry. Once in the oven, the heat will ‘melt’ the dough so you won’t get those peaks in the actual cake.

Coat 2 cake pans in some kind of fat to prevent sticking. I use coconut oil. Pour in dough about an inch high into the pan. Makes 2 cakes.

Bake at 400F for approx 35 minutes.

When out of the oven, coat the top of the cake with honey and let it melt into the cake.



This recipe is totally made up by me. It started with a ‘mint cupcake’ recipe I made up with my sister when we messed up a recipe making ‘mint meringues’. The original used mint flavoring and regular flour. I adapted it with vanilla and honey, along with gluten-free flour to make a honey-cake.


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