Honey– Wrinkle Prevention

My mom told me of a friend she had visited who looked great, with few wrinkles, despite being the same age as her. She asked what her secret was. Her friend replied that she put honey on her face nightly.

So how can honey prevent wrinkles? I do have one theory. Honey contains spores of the botulism bacteria. Spores are dormant bacteria, kind of like bacteria that are hibernating until the right conditions allow them to wake up and become active. You might know Botulism as the reason we do not eat from dented cans, since when bacteria are active the cans puff up from bacteria releasing gas. This happens when they are not killed properly in the canning process. The bacteria then produce a toxin that makes the muscles stop working (they over-relax) if food with the toxin is ingested. The first signs are weakness, then if not treated, the muscles that expand and contract the lungs stop working. This leads to death.

We can eat honey because only the spores exist in it. The bacteria are dormant, so they cannot produce toxin. When we eat the spores as we ingest honey, our immune systems take care of the spores before they transform into bacteria and begin to produce toxin. Infants have an immature immune system and cannot kill the bacteria, so that is why infants should not eat honey. It can kill them when the bacteria multiply in their system and begin producing toxin.

Commercially we use botulism toxin in botox. The toxin relaxes the muscles of the face when injected, which erases the wrinkles when the facial muscles relax.

Honey can also achieve a muscle relaxation effect. I tried it nightly for a while (until my jar ran out), and while I was applying it nightly I noticed that I could not wrinkle my forehead. I tried, but it just wouldn’t wrinkle ( I can wrinkle it now though, since I haven’t put honey on my face for a while). If you want to try it to see if it has the same effect on you, use raw honey since other honeys are usually heat-treated. I’m not sure if the bacterial spores survive the heat treatment (although it may not even be the bacteria having this effect, that is just my guess. It could be something else in the honey).

I left the honey on my face overnight and washed it off in the morning, but maybe an hour daily application might work if used daily. After about a week or so (or was it a month?) of daily honey masks, you may notice that you can’t wrinkle your forehead anymore.


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