Italian Sautéed Zucchini

I love this dish. My mom made it up when she was scrambling to put together dinner for my family. It was gone before I could go back for seconds.

Italian Sautéed Zucchini:

-2 zucchinis (sliced like baloney)

-1 onion (sliced into onion rings)

-1 head of garlic peeled (cut however you want to cut them)

-2 tomatoes chopped

-3 tbsp (or 5 tbsp? I just kinda dumped it in) of oregano

-Sea salt to sprinkle on top

-3 tbsp cold-pressed olive oil


Begin sautéing the zucchinis in the olive oil on medium/low heat. They take longest to cook, so you can chop up your onion, tomatoes and garlic while the zucchini is starting to cook. Throw in onion, tomatoes and garlic. Add oregano and sea salt and you’re done. I’m liberal with my salt because I don’t have blood pressure issues (mine is low), but if you need to reduce your salt intake you can add a bit of apple cider or regular vinegar for flavor.

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