Nastiest Supplement Ever

The worst-tasting supplement I have ever taken and am taking now is Green Pasture’s Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Just from the description, I bet you can already get a picture of why it tastes so bad. Fermented fish liver… They have capsules, but it’s cheaper to buy the liquid stuff and take it with a spoon. It’s also pretty expensive, but it takes money to produce a quality product. It has to go through the work of being fermented, then the company needs to extract it carefully to keep the nutrients in tact, etc.

The first time I tried it, I gagged. It was really hard to choke it down. The only way I can describe the flavor is that if a fish produced body odor the way humans did, drinking Fermented Liver Oil is like licking a fish’s stinky armpit. It has inspired bloggers like ‘Homemade Mommy’ to write articles on “How to Take Fermented Cod Liver Oil Without Gagging.” She takes hers orange-flavored with orange juice in a shot glass. Some people follow theirs with a piece of chocolate to take away the taste. I just take it and tell myself that if I can handle this, I can handle anything.

If this supplement is so nasty, why take it? I’m taking it for the cavity-healing effects. Back when I was vegetarian, I went to the dentist who told me I had 15 cavities and needed them filled. I ignored his advice (by then I had met several ‘medical miracles’ who healed themselves of various ailments with diet and supplements, and found that just because a professional says something, it is not the word of God or impossible). I took the liver oil with butter oil daily until it ran out, and gave up the vegetarian diet. I became familiar with the research of Weston Price, and now follow what is dubbed the “Traditional Diet” (Basically eat home made food and source quality ingredients. Eat only properly prepared grains, nuts and seeds. No white flour or processed sugar, etc.). Two years later I got a new dentist who told me I only have 4 cavities (2 cavity-cavities, 2 breaks in the enamel). Either the first dentist was lying, or my teeth have been healing. I kept the x-rays my new dentist took, and am becoming a guinea pig for mankind. In a few years I plan to take another set of x-rays to see if the cavities are healing.

Just a warning: the diet to heal cavities requires a lot of research and dedication. Nuts/seeds/grains with phytic acid have to be greatly reduced and/or eliminated. No white flour or refined sugar is permitted. Supplemental magnesium and a good quality vitamin C are needed. I’m still working on sourcing some comfrey, and I’m always working on remineralizing recipes. You also cannot be vegetarian on a cavity-healing diet. The major supplement needed is fish liver oil for the proper fat-soluble vitamins, and preferably paired with butter oil (although right now all I can really afford is the fish liver oil so I just buy grass-fed butter to eat with my food). If I succeed in healing my cavities, I will post in my home remedies section with the entire story and pictures of my x-rays. If not, I’ll post about my failure and lessons learned.

Disclaimer: Living with cavities can be risky. Open areas can often lead to infection. Dental infections can lead to heart attacks or valve damage. Areas of infection such as abscesses can also form and left uncontrolled will lead to sepsis and death. Ways to keep the mouth bacteria-free are to swish with a mixture of water and Lugol’s iodine or use colloidal silver. Keep your mouth meticulously clean and use anti-bacterials to avoid these problems. Don’t forget to floss.

How I found the protocol for cavity healing:

How I Healed My Child’s Cavity” by The Healthy Home Economist

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