Native American Sweet Potato Fish


I got inspired to make this dish after visiting the Native American Museum in Washington DC. There was a dish that had taro (like a purple sweet potato) and fish, and it was absolutely delicious. Mine is nothing like the dish from the museum, but the flavors that mingle are similar.


-Olive oil (cold-pressed)

-basil (dried and crumbled flakes)

-1 package mushrooms (slice them)

-1 or 2 Onions (slice into rings)

-1 zuccini (slice)

-sea salt

-2-3 fish filets (I think they were flounder? I had unlabeled fish filets in my freezer, so I just used those. I’ll update when I figure out for sure what they were. I usually cook with flounder)

-1 sweet potato (cook in oven or boil, then mash. I like to multi-task, so I throw my potato in the oven while a chicken or other food item is baking. Don’t forget to poke holes so it doesn’t explode)

-pepper, freshly ground

-more sea salt


Sautee mushrooms with zucchini, fish, and onions in olive oil. When cooked, add the basil and some sea salt. When the vegetables and fish are cooked, add mashed sweet potato. Sprinkle with enough pepper and sea salt to counter the sweetness of the potato. I also added 1 tbsp of olive oil or so to the finished product, just to add more flavor.



I actually didn’t plan on posting this recipe. Originally I made stir-fry vegetables with mushrooms. Deciding to spice up these left-overs with fish and left-over sweet potato, I really didn’t think this dish would turn out. My dad tried it and we ended up scarfing it all down. It was pretty good.


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