Natural Ways to color hair

There are many natural substances that can be used to change hair color. It usually takes patience, since most don’t work as fast as dyeing hair with conventional products (with the exception of henna).

If you do hair masks 2-4 times per month, most of these substances you can sneak into a hair mask and let sit in your hair overnight.


To lighten:


Lemon juice — Apply to hair and sit in the sun. It is very drying, so I’m still trying to find natural ways to counter this.




Chamomile tea rinses — works best if you do frequently and let your hair dry in the sun. Brew a cup of chamomile and rinse your hair with it.




Beer soaks — Fill a bowl with beer. Soak your hair in it and let sit at least 5 minutes. Rinse the smell out. You can also fill a spritz bottle and spray it directly into the hair.



-Make an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse, pour into your hair and let it dry in the sun. Do frequently in the summer.




To darken:


Sage tea rinses (I use sage from my spice cabinet and make a tea from the powder)




Cinnamon tea rinses





Black tea rinses





Coffee rinses — I used to use instant coffee and blend it into my hair henna (instead of water) to get a darker chestnut color. You can also try plain coffee to get your natural hair color gradually darker.



To change colors (the lighter your hair, the easier these will work):

-Henna (You can buy a bar at lush, grate it, add hot liquid and put the paste in your hair. There are many colors, from black, to chestnut brown, to red)

-Turmeric- add water and rinse hair with it. You can also do a hair mask and keep it on overnight, but my experience with this gave my hair a neon yellow color. Luckily it washed out pretty fast, and was only visible in the sun (inside you couldn’t tell my hair was dyed, outside it GLOWED). It was a fun experience though, I may try it again for halloween or something.

If you have any experiences with natural hair coloring, please share. I will update this list.


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