Pumpkin with Goat Cheese and yogurt Garlic Sauce


Yogurt Garlic Sauce:

-1 onion

-10 cloves of garlic

~16 oz Kefir (many come lactose free)

-8 oz goat cheese

-Olive oil

-Sea salt

Caramelize the onion (Cut onion into rings. Stir fry until brown in olive oil. Add water and cook until soft and brown). Fry garlic with the onion until cooked. Add 4 oz goat cheese and yogurt and cook on low to blend flavors and melt the cheese into the sauce.

-1 small Pumpkin

-1 lb ground beef (Omit beef for vegetarian dish)

Slice pumpkin in half, take out seeds and bake pumpkin in the oven until the pumpkin is soft and a fork comes through easily. Cut into cubes.

On a separate pan, fry ground beef with sea salt and pepper and add the pumpkin cubes.

When beef is cooked, on a plate pour garlic yogurt sauce over the pumpkin-beef mixture. Spread the remaining 4 oz of goat cheese on top. Done!

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