Baking: I like to use oat flour because many recipes from oat flour can be converted to gluten free if using gluten free certified oats. I like to cook with whole foods, and find ways to maximize their nutritional density. This includes using whole grains and properly preparing them to make them more digestible and to release more vitamins by soaking, sprouting and fermenting them.

Baked Goods:

Apple Oat Bake

Crumbly Oat Flour shortbread

Honey Cake (Gluten Free)

Pumpkin bread



Chicken Liver Pate

Garlic spread



Shrimp Shell Broth


Dinner Items:

Beef with Jerky Sauce

Chicken Kabob in Peanut Sauce

Greek-Style Fish (flounder)

Italian Sauteed Zucchini 

Native American Sweet Potato Fish



Healthy Desserts:

Creamy lactose-free banana ice cream (with coconut oil)

Almond Butter coconut banana fudge


Odd bits:

Lemon-garlic beef tongue 

Chicken Liver Pate



Sweet Potato Crisps


Everything Pumpkin (Fall Special):

Maple Pumpkin Flan

Pumpkin Curry

Pumpkin with Garlic Yogurt Sauce

Pumpkin Smoothie

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Beef Sauce (for rice or noodles)

Pumpkin Spaghetti Sauce

Cinnamon Pumpkin Spread (like a jam on bread)




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