No ‘poo Shampoo


Finding the perfect shampoo can be tricky when you are trying to avoid certain man-made chemicals. Everyone has different hair types, and while one shampoo may cut the grease out from one person, for another it can dry out their locks. It’s also hard to break the habit of expecting a foaming action from your shampoo, but you don’t need foam to get a clean look.

Here is a list of solutions for people who are going no poo (which is a movement of people completely giving up shampoo). The premise is that when you give up shampoo and stop stripping your hair of it’s natural oils, that your scalp will stop producing excess oil. I’ve been no poo for about a year, and the following are what I’ve tried:


IMG_0836Recipe #1: The standard for going no ‘poo is baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Depending on your hair type and the amount of grease it produces will depend on the amount of baking soda to use. Approx 1-2 tbsp for 8 oz water, pour on hair and massage into scalp. I added sea salt to mine for the antibacterial properties. Rinse. Follow with ACV 1 tbsp in 1 cup of water as a conditioner. You can rinse, but some people let it dry and it loses the vinegar smell (but ONLY if you are using real Apple Cider Vinegar)


IMG_0837Recipe #2: To help prevent grease, fill a spray bottle with witch hazel (I bought one infused in alcohol from the dollar store). You can add peppermint essential oil and let sit for a few weeks to dissolve, and this will make it smell better. Since my hair is super-greasy, this did not work very well for me. I plan to experiment more with this one to see if I can do anything to make it cut grease better and experiment with smell combos. It dissolves essential oils quite well.


Recipe #3: Dissolve epsom salts in boiling water. Let cool. Fill a spray bottle and spray onto hair. Brush the salt out once it is dried. This works very well in cutting grease, try to spray more directly on the scalp where it is greasiest. It will dry out the tips, so do not overdo it. So far this has worked pretty well for me. Since my hair is also naturally super-straight, it kind of looks like I’ve straightened it with this treatment. Always do after a shower or with hair wet. Make sure you have sufficient time to brush the salt out, otherwise it will look like dandruff. You can also shake it out like a rock-star. Never mind this one. It’s WAY too drying. I need to mix it with something to counter the drying effect of the recipe.


IMG_0839Recipe #4: Eggs are good at dissolving oils. I used to make a mask from 1 egg, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp oil (coconut, olive, argan oil, etc.). Mix together and put in the hair. You can add natural hair-dying substances if you want. Cover your hair in saran-wrap or a plastic bag. Apply a towel on top to warm it enough to let the oils penetrate, but not enough to cook the egg. Let sit at least 1 hour. I let sit overnight, but this dried out my tips a lot.


Recipe #5: Borax. This is my favorite recipe right now. I only need to use it once a week, and it cuts the grease without drying my hair out. I dissolve about 1 cup to a gallon of water. Put bottle in the shower. I grab a cup, fill it with this mixture, and press the cup over my scalp while moving it around to get the mixture everywhere. I do this 2-3 times. No conditioner, and it leaves my hair soft. It works AMAZING at cutting away waxy build-up.

 Dry shampoos:

-Cornstarch brushed into the hair

-Diatomaceous earth into hair



-Use a boar bristle brush to distribute the oils evenly in your hair. There is a ‘brush 100 times’ method, but my hair gets too greasy for that. It looks like I’m spreading bacon grease through my hair, very flat & greasy. It may work for you though.

-Maintain a good diet. I’ve noticed that my hair looks a lot like the fur of the Pottenger’s cats that were on the cooked/processed foods diet. I wonder if returning to a whole-foods and balanced diet will bring it to the silky fur of the other cat group? If you don’t know about the pottenger’s cats experiment, I will post about it in the future. You can google it for now.

-Soft-water is better than hard water.



If you do not want to make your own shampoo, I will have options for buying shampoo under ‘Reviews’.

Do you have any DIY shampoo remedies for no ‘poo-ers? If yes, post a comment and I will add it to this list. If you have tried no poo, feel free to post your experience too.

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