Sweet Potato Crisps


This recipe requires a pretty good chef knife to slice the sweet potato. I took a picture of the knife that I used, which made the slicing  pretty easy. My mom got it from Pampered Chef. If you’re patient or skillful, I’m sure you can make any knife work for you.

How to make them:

Slice sweet potato into thin slivers

Fry in coconut oil





I use a coated cast-iron pan because I like frying on cast iron. The way it retains heat is just magical. I also like to take the potato slices out when they start browning because then I know they are crisp. You can also take them out just before the browning point if you sliced them thin enough, and they will still be crisp.

Coconut oil makes the perfect oil to fry with, as it can handle heat pretty well. It also has lauric acid, which has antibacterial and antiviral activity provided that it was manufactured with the nutrients still intact (aka: Not Chemically extracted. Look for cold-pressed or expeller pressed). Also, make sure your coconut oil is not hydrogenated. Hydrogenated oils are terrible for your arteries.

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