Honey Cake– Gluten Free

Bake this cake the day before you want to serve it. Let it sit overnight to let the moisture evaporate to eliminate gummy-ness (though it tastes just as great gummy … Continue Reading →


Gluten-free Rice/Oat/Buckwheat experimentation

Every once in a while I like to experiment with cooking. This week I decided I was going to make a tub of soaked/fermented flour and see what I can … Continue Reading →


Apple oat bake

This was one of my favorite things that I’ve baked so far. It has an oat-like flavor, with a bread-pudding texture. I made this recipe up, basing it off of … Continue Reading →


Chicken Liver Pate

So what’s the deal with liver? It’s full of healthy fat-soluble vitamins that build up a strong body. One of my favorite ways to eat liver is in chicken liver … Continue Reading →


Crumbly oat flour shortbread

Since transitioning to fresh-ground whole grain flours, I thought i may try an adaptation of a simple cookie recipe that I have made for years on store bought flour. It’s … Continue Reading →