The Face of Evil

After watching a horror movie with my then-boyfriend, I remember at the end of the movie he said he didn’t like it because it wasn’t obvious who the bad guy was. Deep in thought, when I compare reality to the movies it’s never really obvious who the bad guy is. When people do bad things, do they always make it obvious? Does the Devil parade down the streets praising his work? I remember the bible describing evil as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It looks innocent, but it’s really undercover. Evil is not always obvious. To determine what is good from evil, you have to look at the fruits of that action. Does it produce good fruit? (Good results) Or bad fruit? (Bad results). Does it make society a better and safer place?

While doing my psychiatric clinical rotation in nursing, my professor described one of the patients he took care of in jail. This patient was very charming, sociable, and charismatic. Everyone who took care of him liked him. He was also one of the worst criminals in that jail, and had committed some of the worst crimes. Many times he used his charm to manipulate people and take advantage of them. Looking at him, you would never know he permitted himself to commit evil. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. You get caught up in the charm, then before you know it you’re breaking moral rules along with him and then being taken advantage of.

Moral of the story: Don’t expect evil to always be obvious. Pray about it, let the Holy Spirit lead you, and watch for good fruit.

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