The Importance of Confession

For all you Catholics out there, when is the last time you went to confession? A month a go? A year ago? You can’t even remember? Unfortunately not knowing is a common response. This is sad, because confession is a sacrament: something considered special enough to be sacred.

One way I heard confession described to me really transformed my life. Imagine every sin you commit becomes a brick that is building a wall between you and God. Whenever you go to confession, you are taking a bulldozer to that brick wall. You are eliminating the sins that are keeping you from God. Plus, don’t you just love that warm fuzzy feeling after talking to the priest? Am I the only one who experiences that?

So how often should I go? I would recommend at least once a month. This gives you time to think about improving yourself each month. If you’ve committed a mortal sin (A serious intentional violation of God’s law), go immediately.

Lastly, remember to do penance. I consider penance to be like community service done in reparation for what you have done wrong.

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